I guess there are many people who take the concept feminism in a very different way around.The concept of feminism don’t want to dominate over men,rather the real concept of feminism is equality.Whenever today government takes any decision in favour of women of India,many people say that its not fair to do so.But the thing […]

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We say we are Indians,we are one,then why we shouldn’t have the uniform civil code in our country.All Indians are equal before the law then why don”t we make each and every right similar for every citizen of India irrespective of caste,religion,gender etc.Uniform civil code will definitely bring positive changes in our society,it will ensure […]

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Hi everyone out there!!!!  I guess for me equality and equity are just like two people who are on the same boat.I am a feminist but that doesn’t mean that i want to dominate over men.What i want is equal rights,justice and respect for women in this patriarchal society.A true feminist will never want to dominate over men […]


Water VS Alcohol

Hello everyone!!!!! Today i will write something based on my experience.But first let me share something,as i had already mentiones that i am an engineering student so when i was in the third semester we had a subject named business communication where i got the topic  “WATER DIVIDES PEOPLE AND ALCOHOL UNITES PEOPLE” on which […]

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