Hi everyone out there!!!!

Thanks to all for reading my blog.

Today let’s talk about an abstract topic which we all can relate to,that is,the colour BLACK.

If we see then black is just an another colour but on the other hand it binds us with lot of emotions.For example,many a times i have seen people especially in India obsessed with the Fair colour.I have heard people commenting on someone because of their colour and looks.Especially in India,I think all the girls out there who have dark complexion will be able to relate,that they must have heard someone commenting that “her parents will face a lot of trouble while finding a groom for her,see she don’t look good and have dark complexion,her parents will face a lot due to this,afterall no one wants a bride of dark complexion”  on them, especially the relatives and neighbours,who don’t have any other job in their life rather than commenting  and poking nose on other’s matter.For those girls who have ever faced these kinds of comments should have one thing in their mind that ”we don’t want a man whose mind is so obsessed with the fair colour that he have lost his sense to understand the fact that its someone’s behavior and character which makes them beautiful,we  people having dark complexion can put some cosmetics on our face and  it will bring some change in our skin tone but these stupid people whose entire mind is dark,how they will ever come out of their obsession with the fair colour and will be ever become able to see the real world”.

For me black is an honest colour which don’t change its characteristics at any circumstances,it maintains its individuality.Apply any other colour on black,does it cause any change to the black colour,the answer is NO.That’s why i said that its the most honest colour which don’t change its characteristics at any circumstances,it maintains its individuality.I also think that no matter what but we should never change ourself for anyone or anything,we all are unique in our own sense.I guess we all find nights more soothier than day and the blackboard’s colour is black but it makes the life of the student bright.

Last but not the least anyone out there with dark complexion should always have one thought in their mind that “I AM PROUD OF MY BROWN”. 

Thank you all and yeh whatever ur and whosoever ur just love and respect what ur,if u will love and respect urself then only others will love and respect u.Just stand infront of the mirror and with a broad smile say that “I LOVE U”.


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