Hi everyone out there!!!!

 I guess for me equality and equity are just like two people who are on the same boat.I am a feminist but that doesn’t mean that i want to dominate over men.What i want is equal rights,justice and respect for women in this patriarchal society.A true feminist will never want to dominate over men because we want equality for women in this society,we don’t want to set up a society where women dominate over men because that will also lead to discrimination towards men which we women have faced and are facing from years, which we don’t want because i believe that when we know the real pain of getting discriminated because we are women how it feels,so,definitely we will also don’t want to discriminate men,what we want is to set up a society where both men and women work together shoulder to shoulder for the betterment of their society,because this will only lead us to development,and development can only be brought when all are treated equally before the law irrespective of the fact that whether the person is a male or a female,and this kind of society we will be able to create only when we will believe in EQUITY,because if we want EQUALITY then we also have to believe in EQUITY.Being partial will not help us in doing a work,one should always be impartial when it come to rights,justice and law.

for me EQUALITY and EQUITY goes hand in hand.First a person should believe in equity,then i guess automatically that person will also believe in equality.

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