Water VS Alcohol

Hello everyone!!!!!

Today i will write something based on my experience.But first let me share something,as i had already mentiones that i am an engineering student so when i was in the third semester we had a subject named business communication where i got the topic  “WATER DIVIDES PEOPLE AND ALCOHOL UNITES PEOPLE” on which i had to debate.And very interestingly i was asked by maam to speak in favour of the topic and my teacher really liked it.So here are some points which i mentioned while debating,hope u all will find them interesting. And plz guys don’t take the topic too seriously as its just my experience which i thought to share with all of u.        

So tell me one thing  have u guys ever seen people sitting together and drinking water and enjoying,NO right!!! But i guess u guys must have seen people sitting together ,talking and are having wine rgt!!! This phenomenon is really a very interesting one,isn’t it!!!! So yeh alcohol UNITES people.

I guess in india we have seen a very common thing that women go to far off places or stand in a queue for hours for fetching water and many a times they end uo quarreling with each other that who is going to take the water first,CORRECT rgt!!!

Even we have seen KAVERI RIVER water dispute between TAMIL NADU and KARNATAKA in India.So yeh water DIVIDES people.

Now the most interesting point on this topic,i guess all of you guys are well aware of the ALCOHOL BAN IN BIHAR rgt,so there we all saw how women of different backgrounds who even didn’t knew each other stood together and voted in favour of ALCOHOL BAN IN BIHAR.And today i guess every other day we come across news where women stood together and their motive is one that is ALCOHOL BAN.SO here also ALCOHOL UNITED PEOPLE.

So guys these are some of the points which i spoke while debating on this topic.

Hope u all will like this post.

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