I guess the date of 16 December 2012 is still fresh in the minds of Indians,this date reminds that in this country India where goddesses are worshipped in that country only such gruesome incident happened with a innocent daughter of india. But yes we are really happy that all her RAPISTS are sentenced to death,but is that enough to hang those RAPISTS.I guess its a very small punishment to them,the kind of pain that nirbhaya went through is nothing compared to the punishment that these RAPISTS are given.We respect our judiciary but why that so called JUVENILE will not get punished,just because when he committed the gruesome crime he was below 18 years.I guess if a man is old enough to rape a girl,can commit some gruesome crime,he should also be hanged till death.I guess the real justice to nirbhaya will be when that so called JUVENILE will also be hanged till death,he deserves only one thing and that is punishment for his deeds and nothing else.He don’t have any right at all to live because for him an innocent girl died.What is the use of worshipping goddesses when the women of this country are not safe.It is true said that the place where a woman is worshipped there resides god.We all women have to wake up and fight for ourselves.We all Indians really need to fight against crime against women.

Last but not the list may be today nirbhaya is not there with us but she will always be remembered as a brave heart,a brave daughter of india. I hope wherever she is she is happy and well.



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